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today, if you've been struggling under that kind of yoke; those that are present - I'd love you just to come forward. We
want to lay hands on you, and want you just to let go of the struggling, repent of the trying and the efforts, and open
your heart for God to reveal His love to you. As people lay hands on you, I know you're going to e xperience
something of the love of God.
It's a terrible thing trying hard, trying hard to be good enough. I did that for many years growing up, lacking a
revelation of love, I struggled feeling I was never good enough, struggled so hard to be good enough; did so many
things in order to get acceptance. What I needed was a revelation of God's love. It comes by faith - after you stop and
repent of your dead works.
If there's people struggling, and you're caught in the bondage of legalism, of works, heaviness, oppression. People
here who are struggling with oppression over your lives, some are struggling with failure and the fear of failure; other
ones struggling here with the fear you'll be rejected. Some of you have come - there's about three people come
today, and you've had real troubles in your life with God, real troubles in your walk with God, and your biggest fear is
whether you'll be accepted, because of the things you've done. God loves you. He wants to help you today.
You know, the problem with the law is you have to keep the whole lot of it. Jesus came to set us free of the law of
obligations and duties; have to do this, have to do that. He wanted us to come into a relationship of love and grace;
wonderful grace of God, that frees us up to be ourselves . How great to be yourself in Christ.
I came up with a religious background, a Catholic background. It took me quite a bit of time to realise I'd brought with
it a lot of the baggage into my Christian life. I just needed to let it all go, needed to let go striving, struggling to be
good enough, struggling to meet God's needs, struggling to get my sins forgiven, all of that kind of stuff; and just:
God, I thank you I already have it. I am blessed with every blessing in heavenly places in Jesus Christ. I ha ve
forgiveness. I have redemption. I have acceptance. I have it now - that's what I have being a child of God, so now I'm
going to meditate in it and dwell in it.
1. Introduction
Heb. 6:1-3 “Let us go on to perfection (maturity), not laying again the foundations …”
(a) Jesus came to reveal His Father – reveal what God is really like, a loving Father
Heb. 1:3 “… bring the brightness of His glory, and the express image of His person”
Jn. 14:9 “… He who has seen me has seen the Father…”
Jn. 10:30 “I and my Father are one”.
(b) Jesus came to call us into relationship with the Father – sons and daughters
Jn 14:3 “I go to prepare a place for you – that where I am you may be also”.
Jn 1:18 “…the only begotten Son which is in the bosom of the Father has declared Him”.
(c) God calls each of us to be born again into His Family and then to grow up”
Rom 8:29 “… He predestined us to be conformed to the image of His Son …”
1 Jn. 2:12-13 Children (precious infants) - Young men – Fathers.
Spiritual fathers – one who repres ent God the Father and reproduce His Li fe.
(d) Growth to maturity is not automatic – requires foundation to be laid
T he First Principles of Christ are found ational fo r growth. (Heb. 6:1-3)
Heb. 9:14 Blood of Jesus Christ … cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the living God.
Dead Works = activities that have no life or love of God.
Works activated out of guilt, fear, duty, personal gain.
Called to Repent = totally turn from dead activities and selfish motivation.
Blood of Jesus Christ has power to cleanse the conscience so free.
“Serve Living God” = activities that flow from love and trusting obedience.
Jn. 6:29 – “This is the work of God that you believe on Him whom He has sent”.
2. Faith – What is It?
Heb 11:3 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for …”
(a) Faith is not the same as Hope
Hope is directed to the future – an attitude of expectancy con cerning things to be.
Faith is established in the present – now!
It is a confidence, something real and definite within us here and now.