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because it's free; because God is good. God loves you, so He wants you to love others. He can love people through
you; so you notice there: faith works by love; so the life of faith is cultivated by spending tim e with God, beginning to
experience His love, listening to hear His voice; because by hearing His voice, faith suddenly comes into your heart.
It's cultivated by meditating in the word of God, and allowing our mind and heart to be renewed. When faith is th ere,
there's works flow out that are very real. You don't have to try to love people - I've got to go out and love the sinners!
It's what we have to do - love the sinners.
Now you can see a person in the grip of bitterness in the law. If you have to do it, then it's not flowing naturally; you've
got a love deficit in your heart. When you're full of love, it just flows out. Have you ever seen a drunk man, when
they're full of booze, and they start to love - and they've got lo ve for e veryone, you know? I love the world - you know,
something changed, they were overflowing.
When we get filled with the spirit of God, which is a spirit of love - it flows to touch the world. So foundation 1) to walk
and repent of all of that legalistic striving, struggling, dead empty work. Repent of the motivations. Instead start to turn
to the Lord, and allow His word to shift your heart, so you begin to discover who you really are; you're a loving
person. Why? Because you're in the image of Christ. You're a forgiving person. Why? Because you're in the image of
Christ. You're a generous person. Why? Because you're made in the image of Christ. You already have those things
in you. They just need to flow - not try to make them happen. They're already there. That's who you are; and w hen we
start to live a life like that, we become at rest inside. That's actually who I really am. I love being generous. I just love
it. It's who I am.
Live out of the identity. I love being gracious. Why? Because it's who I am - it's what my Father is like - I'm like Him.
I love forgiving. Why? Because my Father's forgiven me, and I'm so grateful, I just love to forgive. I don't want people
under the law.
The life of faith, it's a life where grace flows out and touches people. What a great life.
[Closing Prayer]
Father in heaven, what a loving Father You are. I feel overwhelmed by the wonderful love that You have. I thank you
for that love.. The presence of God is here; and the presence of God is also where you are right now. God is a loving
Father. He really does love you, and He wants you just to turn away from trying hard in life, and trying hard to be a
good person, and to believe.
Believe that God loves you so much, that He sent His only son Jesus Christ who gave His life on the cross, so all the
sin could be broken and it's power broken, every curse taken away; so you could be ushered in to the family of God,
and become a child of God, just by believing in Jesus Christ.
Ma ybe some here today, and perhaps you are struggling in your life, struggling wi th all kinds of issues. What a great
day to say I'm going to repent of those things, and begin to open my heart to my Fa ther that loves me. I'd like you just
to follow me in this prayer...
Father in heaven, I come to you in Jesus' name. I thank you for loving me, thank you for accepting me, thank you for
sending Jesus Christ to die on the cross for my sins. Lord, I've struggled so hard to make my life work. I turn away
from those struggles. I turn away from sin. I turn away from a life without you. Jesus, I receive you as my saviour
today. Please forgive my sin, forgive all my struggles to try and look good. Lord, forgive me. I give you my life today. I
receive forgiveness. I receive your spirit into my heart. I belong to you. Before heaven and earth today, I declare
Jesus Christ is my saviour and Lord. Amen.
Father, I just thank you for each person that prayed that prayer for the first time. Let the spirit and love of God just
flow into their heart. God loves you so much - more than you realise. You have so much to discover about this God,
who wants to make Himself known to you.
Perhaps today there's ones who are struggling. You've lived under legalism, under the law and you've wrestled with
that. Today would be a great day for that yoke - Paul calls it a yoke - a yoke of duty; a yoke of having to; a yoke of
lots of little things you have to do to be good enough, to be acceptable. God wants you free of all of that. I'd love you