First Love of Paris HTML version

The battlefield is worse than I could imagine, there was blood everywhere in
spite of the nurses and dead limbs scattered about, it made me feel sick and I
was trapped here to fight for my life.
In a few hours the war was active and I was into battle, the smell of
gunpowder filled my lungs and the dead clothed the field. I wasn’t
concentrating and was hit in the leg and I couldn’t move. I was in more pain
than I had ever been in. Word soon got to the nurses and Grace ran out before
I was lifted onto a stretcher, she heard I was wounded and was worried.
“Grace, go back to the nursing camp, I will be fine, and it’s dangerous out
here.” I was trying to stand up, Grace holding me tight. Then as we were
holding each other a bullet hit Grace, she hung in my arms lifeless and dead, I
couldn’t take in what had just happened. My whole life shone before my eyes
and I realised I was nothing without her. I felt a hole in my heart and felt my
right to her and myself was to take my own life so me and Grace could be
together, so then, I drew my gun to my head so that when I die it is quick and
without pain and then…
By Lauren Gillen