First Love of Paris HTML version

raid from the Germans had started. People fled from the streets, trying to find
anything to shield them. We weren’t that far from the local bomb shelter but it
was getting dark and you could hear bombs being dropped in the distance. My
friends ran in the other direction and it was too late for me to call them back. I
headed for the local air raid shelter which was only three blocks away.
I ran fast, being weary of any planes. When I got there the doors were closing.
By luck I only just got in. I sat down next to a beautiful girl, I felt as if I
recognised her but I couldn’t put my finger on it. She was the most wonderful
girl I ever met, even though we were in the middle of an air raid we were
whispering like crazy. “What’s your name?” I asked eager to know. “Grace.”
Wow! Grace, isn’t it just beautiful, my hearts pounding the same way as it did
when I saw that girl in the mist. This girl had brown hair and the most gorgeous
eyes I had ever seen, she was the girl from the mist, my love in waiting. “So,
what’s your name?” she asked not letting the conversation die, but of course,
knowing me, I stammered to answer. “Ch… ch… ch… Charlie.” “Well hello, ch,
ch, ch, Charlie,” she laughed, but not in a mean way or a weird way, but in a
loving way. She was laughing with me not at me, my heart was about to burst.
“Want to go to the music hall to celebrate?” she was asking ME! ME, of all
people. “What do we have to celebrate?” I said. “Well staying alive for one
thing, but tomorrow I am flying out to the battle field to nurse and by your
uniform I guessed you were to.” So, then after the air raid finished we vacated
the grim shelter and went to the music hall, and oh was it good. She is an angel
in disguise, beautiful, loving and a great dancer. “If I live through this war I’m
going to marry you even if I have to follow you to the ends of the earth. Too
bad I don’t have a ring.” “I don’t care because we will be together till the day
we die,” and that was it, I was complete.
The next day was my worst, to say the least. I woke up and that was it, I was
off to headquarters to go to the front line. She was there at the headquarters
awaiting transportation, she looked sad but her eyes shone when she saw me.
She bid me adieu and left to be taken to the nursing camp and I was lead in the
opposite direction to be boarded on a plane.