First Book of Adam and Eve HTML version

Chapter 34
Adam Recalls The Creation Of Eve.
He Eloquently Appeals For Food And Drink.
1 And on the morning of the forty-third day, they came out of the cave, sorrowful
and crying. Their bodies were lean, and they were parched from hunger and
thirst, from fasting and praying, and from their heavy sorrow on account of their
2 And when they had come out of the cave they went up the mountain to the
west of the garden.
3 There they stood and prayed and besought God to grant them forgiveness of
their sins.
4 And after their prayers Adam began to beg God, saying, "O my Lord, my God,
and my Creator, You commanded the four elements* to be gathered together,
and they were gathered together by Thine order.
5 Then You spread Your hand and created me out of one element, that of dust of
the earth; and You brought me into the garden at the third hour, on a Friday, and
informed me of it in the cave.
6 Then, at first, I knew neither night nor day, for I had a bright nature; neither did
the light in which I lived ever leave me to know night or day.
7 Then, again, O Lord, in that third hour in which You created me, You brought to
me all beasts, and lions, and ostriches, and fowls of the air, and all things that
move in the earth, which You had created at the first hour before me of the
8 And Your will was that I should name them all, one by one, with a suitable
name. But You gave me understanding and knowledge, and a pure heart and a
right mind from you, that I should name them after Thine own mind regarding the
naming of them.
9 O God, You made them obedient to me, and ordered that not one of them
break from my sway, according to Your commandment, and to the dominion
which You had given me over them. But now they are all estranged from me.
10 Then it was in that third hour of Friday, in which You created me, and
commanded me concerning the tree, to which I was neither to go near, nor to eat
thereof; for You said to me in the garden, 'When you eat of it, of death you shall