Firing Range HTML version

Over the following weeks, Private Jones was sent from class to
class where he was taught the theory behind the laser
cannons. To his dismay, week after week passed without him
ever coming close to an actual laser cannon. Time passed.
Eventually the day came when it was announced that each of
the gunnery students would be paired with an experienced
gunner, for hands on training. Private Jones was paired with
Corporal Susan Johnson.
Susan was a very attractive young woman, a fact that Private
Jones was not officially aloud to notice. But he did notice the
long brown hair flowing down her back, her green eyes, and
her flawless completion. He also noticed the sharply curves of
her hips, her long graceful legs, and the silver cannon pinned
upon that very attractive full formed breast. These
observations he of course kept to himself. Private Jones
instead tried to concentrate upon what Susan had to teach
him about how to fire a laser cannon. This was not an easy
task for a young man who had recently finished basic training
with its isolation.
Susan began with exercises on the use of the tracking
computer and its target display. Linear mass drivers located
at various points throughout the rim of the solar system
continually fired small chunks of rock. These target rocks
were located and tracked by the gunners, who would lock the
laser cannon upon them, and generally fire destroying the
rock. At this early stage of training Private Jones only tracked
and identified the target. The process of locating, tracking
and identification Private Jones repeated over and over, hour
after hour, and day after day. Months passed as Private Jones
became totally sick of this basic gunnery exercise. Susan set
beside him day after day watching as he hunted out these
little rocks from the blackness of the eternal night.