Firing Range HTML version

A jumble of acknowledgments echoed in everyone's helmet.
“Form up.”
Quickly everyone fell into formation.
“Gentlemen welcome to camp Farshot. Each and every one
of you has demonstrated superior abilities to be assigned to
this post. Over the next six months we will work hard
together to turn each and every one of you into a long range
laser gunner. The taxpayers are being asked to spend a
fortune to provide this training for you. It is my
responsibility to insure that the taxpayers get their moneys
These laser cannons represent the finest example of our
civilization technology. There exists no more precision
instrument then these cannons. Do you realize that the
mirror surfaces are accurate down to a single layer of atoms?
There is not a single defect in this surface. And the accuracy
of the mirror's parallelism is such that a beam from one of
these cannon's cavities will not diverge to any measurable
amount at the distance of a light year.
Most everyone thinks these guns exist to destroy a hostile
enemy. However, I believe they are much more, they are
works of art. You will be very proud in six months when you
have earned the right to be awarded the silver cannon to wear
on your chest. And maybe someday one of you may even
wear the golden cannon.”
Private Bill Jones thought to himself that the day would come
when his chest would bear the golden cannon.