Firing Range HTML version

Firing Range
Dr. L. Steven Cheairs
Copyright 2000 by L. Steven Cheairs
Private Bill Jones had eagerly awaited the sight of this huge
laser cannon all his life. Every since he was a small child,
when his dad had told him about these guns Bill had longed
to become a gunner and sit behind the control panel. Now
he had completed basic military training and was about to
begin gunnery school. Bill adjusted his helmet's visor as his
eyes followed the barrel of the cannon into the jet black
darkness of the eternal night sky found upon the asteroid gun
platform at the outer edge of the solar system.
“Private Jones would you mind joining us?” The voice
growled in Bill’s headset.
Bill quickly returned to life and ran to join his comrades.
“Sorry Sarge.”
“Mr. Jones what do you think you are, some tourist?”
“No Sarge, sorry Sarge.”
“If any more of you clowns want to stop for sight seeing, I
will give you a lot of sight seeing. One more sightseer and we
will take a little walk around this asteroid. Do I make my self