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Paul Harley began to pace the office. From a professional point of view the
information was uninteresting enough, but from another point of view it had
awakened again that impotent anger which he had too often experienced in
these recent, strangely restless days.
At all costs he must see Ormuz Khan, although how he was to obtain access to
this man who apparently never left his private apartments (if the day of his vigil at
the Savoy had been a typical one) he failed to imagine.
Nevertheless, pausing at the table, he again took up his pencil, and to the note
"Obtain interview with Ormuz Khan" he added the one word, underlined:
10. His Excellency Ormuz Khan
The city clocks were chiming the hour of ten on the following morning when a
page from the Savoy approached the shop of Mr. Jarvis, bootmaker, which is
situated at no great distance from the hotel. The impudent face of the small boy