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How to Find the Right Martial Arts School for You!
Press Release:
New Book Asks: Are Martial Arts Schools Really
Teaching Self-Defense?
Stafford, Virginia January 27, 2009: Kevin Brett
Studios, Incorporated releases The Way of the
Martial Artist: Achieving Success in Martial
Arts and in Life! (240 pp., $16.00, ISBN-13:
978-0981935003), a new book available from
Amazon subsidiary at the
author’s web site
This book helps readers understand if their
martial arts training will actually work in a self-
defense situation and what is likely lacking in
their training. Certified Martial Arts Instructor
Kevin Brett answers this question and many
more in his new book.
Martial arts are about survival and this book
teaches readers how to develop the skill,
strategy and character of a true martial artist to supplement their dojo training. It
also provides in-depth insight into just what students and parents want from
martial arts: discipline, commitment, honor, respect, perseverance and ultimately
– success in any life-undertaking. Kevin Brett provides answers and insights to
questions that all martial artists ask during their quest for excellence, purpose
and enlightenment.
The Way of the Martial Artist: Achieving Success in Martial Arts and in Life!
uses the principles of martial arts to show readers how any worthwhile goal or life
challenge can be approached and achieved with black belt determination. The
servant-warrior is an ancient concept that the author re-introduces to help
modern readers understand how any success should be a service or benefit to
Shawn Kovacich, author of the highly acclaimed book series Achieving Kicking
Excellence and high-ranking martial artist, calls The Way of the Martial Artist, "A
comprehensive framework of the numerous principles and concepts you will
need to become the best martial artist that you can be." Black belt Richard
Hefner says, “The Way of the Martial Artist is part success manual, part martial
arts guide and part survival guide, and all essential!”
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