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Warning & Disclaimer
Marital arts can be lethal and the practice of martial arts or application of
various martial arts techniques, training drills and exercises can cause
serious injury or death. This book is intended for informational and
entertainment purposes. It is not intended as a substitute for a specific
martial arts training program by a qualified martial arts school or
instructor. You should consult a qualified physician before engaging in
any exercise program or physical activities to ascertain whether you or
the other participants are mentally and physically healthy enough to
engage in such activities.
Martial arts are for defensive purposes only and should be used only as a
last resort and only with the least amount of force or technique necessary
to reduce the immediate threat or risk in a self-defense situation. Anyone
applying fighting or martial arts techniques or methods could be liable in
civil or criminal court. You must control your actions and remain within the
boundaries of the laws of the jurisdiction in which any defensive
techniques may be employed.
The author, publisher and sellers of this book assume no liability for
personal injury or damage to property as a result of practicing any
concepts or content represented or implied within this book. All individuals
are responsible for their own actions. The author, publisher and sellers of
this book also provide no warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied
that the techniques, concepts or content presented in this book will be
effective in any or all self-defense situations.