Fight for Life: My Journey from a Fatal Disease to Good Health HTML version

A Note from the Author…
This book describes how accidentally at the
age of 25, during a routine checkup I discover
that I suffer from a near fatal disease without a
cure. How it affects me mentally to know that I
may not live long. How I choose to initially live
in denial but then fight it out, making some
avoidable mistakes on the way. Eventually in
spite of a near death situation, I do conquer
the disease to get back to a normal life with
good health by the age of 39. The book
traverses my journey in these fateful 14 years,
where I did not let the disease affect my career
or daily life. It talks about my trials and
tribulations and the highs and the lows in my
fight for life.
Author: Shan tanu Saha