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mission field, and they're ambassadors. They're apostolic company of people, anointed by the Holy Ghost, and
they've got some changing to do around them, got a mandate to shift something. The trouble is, years ago the church
got into a rapture doctrine, and most Christians are waiting for Jesus to come, and hoist them out of it. It's all a lie.
He's called you to get into it, and mess in with it, get rolling around in it; and do you get hurt ? Yeah, you'll get a bit
hurt! Have a look around, it's the history of the church, gets hurt - doesn't it? Have a look how it started. Have a look
at the founder - but that's what we're called to do.
We're called to carry a glorious mission, to live out a great cause, that our community would change, that the people
around us would be impacted by Jesus Christ, that God's power from heaven would come into the earth, passivity
would be overcome, that negativity would be overcome, apathy overcome, sickness ove rcome, oppression
overcome. Something changing, because God's people woke up to why He put them on the earth! [Applause] And
said: yes Lord, I will be like the Good Samaritan. I'll pay the price for the wine and the oil. I'll pay the price, to get my
life touched and experience You, and then look out world! I'm just waiting for someone to pour the oil and the wine
into! That's the shift God is making worldwide. It's always been what He intended, it's just sometimes we get caught
up in all kinds of other stuff. Let's keep the main thing, the main thing: engaging God, and bringing God to people,
and seeing their lives changed.
Will you be part of that? You better believe it. That's where we're going, that's where God is leading His church,
worldwide. It's not just what we're doing here; it's where God is leading His church world wide! World wide! This
gospel, this great news of Jesus Christ, and the kingdom of God and the power of God; it must, it MUST be
proclaimed, to all the ends of the earth! It must be! Will you be part of that? Will you prepare yourself? Will you break
out of whatever restricts you? If you can't go to people, ask God: what is wrong with me, help me to break out of it.
Get into some course and get delivered or healed; learn some relationship skills; learn how to get the anointing of
God to flow through you; and then go for it and make a difference! Go for it and make a difference!
Oh I tell you something, there's no limits to the person that says: I am here for a purpose, to reach the world for
Christ, to make disciples of Jesus Christ, and advance the kingdom of our glorious God and Saviour. Can you say
Amen to that? Let's stand and give the Lord a great clap. Come on, let's stand and give Him a great clap [applause]
halleluiah! This is our destiny! This is what we are called to do! This is the church of the living God! Sons and
daughters, carrying the heart of God, and the capacity to minister the life of God to people. My goodness, come on
church, let's clap, let's rise and shake the dust off us. Stand up on the inside, begin to believe I can make a
difference! My life will make a difference! I no longer live in that place down there. I'll stand and fulfil my destiny!
1. Introduction:
· Luke 10 – T he region was oppressed by demonic powers, they asked Jesus to leave.
· One man, a Christian for one day, testified o f the life experien ce with God and how this impacted the people of that region .
· Draw near to God to see good things for testimony. T estimony has the power to change us, to share about the goodness of God. It gives hope to
something that is different.
· Luke 8:39-40 - “Return to your house (home) and tell (testify) what great things God has done for you!”
· T he Power of T estimony – T elling others of your experience o f the Goodness of God.
· A whole city was impacted – not by preaching but by the testimony of a changed life.
· Our Personal T estimony:
i) Humility – openness about our failures, struggles, pain, freed others to admit them.
ii) Honor – acknowledging the Goodness of God brought hope to others.
· Sin always has consequences – bad choices have bad consequ ences.
· Forgiveness removes the guilt and establishes the connection with God but a person will still experience the consequen ces.
· Christians have the tendency to cover their struggles and remain broken and alone.
2. T he Great Commandment - Fervent love:
· Luke 10:27 - “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind and your neighbor as
- T he priority of ferv ent loving relationships is declared by Jesus.
- We are human beings created to reflect and carry the image o f God.
- God loves passionately – He is expressive.
· How we express something in connecting/loving people is the number one indictor of how our relationship with God is.
· Spirituality without God = disconnected with people.
· He rejoices over you, He is a passionate God.
· We are designed by God to reflect what He is like – He is full of expression.
· Jesus is full of expression e.g. prayed in the garden, strong tears flowed and He wanted fri endship.