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· Become aware o f your own feelings – identify them;
- when you experience them
- when you pray in tongues
- when you meditate
· T his is the road to maturity.
2) Ask Questions:
· Once you become aware o f what you are feeling, what you are doing ad ask questions. Why?
· What am I feeling?
· Why am I feeling that?
· Why am I doing that? E.g. late? Avoid? Putt off? Dreading meeting?
· Jesus entered the world of other by questions, e.g. Luke 24:13-17 - Disciples - „What are you talking about?' „Why so sad?'
· Don't make assumptions – take for grant ed without checking to see if it is true.
3) Welcome Feedback:
· Proverbs 15:32 - “He that refuses instruction (feedback) despises his own soul. He that hears reproof gain understanding”.
· Proverbs 19:20 - “Hear council and receive instruction that you may be wise in latter end”.
· Feedback = to receive in formation from others about you behaviors and attitudes that enables you to become aware and make adjustments. Respond and
not to be defensive.
· Feedback needs to be given:
i) Specific, not general
ii) Descriptive, not subjective or judgmental.
· Feedback needs to be received:
i) Without becoming defensive (Saul)
ii) Welcomed as a friend (David )
· When you are open to feedback and welcome it, everybody can teach you something.
· T he Holy Spirit teaches in spirit and in truth – welcome feedb ack and what you can get help from, get your attitude right.
4) Commit to the process of Change:
i) You must want to change and grow.
· John 5:6 - Do you want to be made whole?
· You must take personal ownership o f your life.
iii) Invest in relationships that encourage growth.
· John 11:44 - “Loose that man and let him go”.
· Lazarus needed the help o f others to remove the old coverings.
· We grow best in relationships when others who accept us and give feedback.
iv) Be courageous and face pain ful truth.
· Proverbs 28:13 - “Who ever covers his sin shall not prosper…confess, forsake and find mercy”.
· Cover = 3680 = conceal, clothe.
· Not prosper = 6743 = push forward, break out, become mighty.
· Confess
OT = yadah = to know intimately, to throw, to praise.
NT = homologeo = to speak the same word.
· It can be very pain ful to face the truth about ourselves.
· Become free to share failures, weakn ess, needs, admit wrong, apologize.
v) Believe in the Goodness and Grace o f God.
· Proverbs 28:13 - “he that confess and forsake shall find mercy”.
· Grace = strength and encouragement from God to empower and chang e.
· Mercy = 7355 = to love, show compassion, have tender affection.
· What does God's word say about me? About Him? Embrace it. God will pour out His grace.
Note: Adam and Eve removed their coverings and received God's provision.
- removed their „Glittering Image'.
God sees the heart that responds and work with it. Holy Spirit speaks to an open heart. We won't go forward if we don't grow. Be able to receive grace,
don't beat yourself up. Ask God to help, guide, show you, and enable you to get up – have a heart good to God. Ask forgiven ess, help – grace and goodness
will come to the humble. You will then be able to show grace and minister to others, to enter other people's lives. We need to take responsibility to grow
and change otherwise we don't have anything to give to other people. Authenticity with God is to be passionate and wiling to grow. Don't stay where you
are, step forward, move on, step up.
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