Fig Leaves and Other Christian Coverings HTML version

1. Introduction:
· Luke 10:27 - “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind and your neighbor as
· God's plan is for each of us to grow, mature and fulfill the calling of God.
· Most people are unable to love and connect there is too much junk/stuff in their lives. T he problem is that the Priest and the Levite, who represent the
church, didn't want to get involved. To not want to get involved is not an option. They walked past the man; they didn't have the heart of God for broken
damaged people.
· Love
= passion, energy, wholehearted, fully engaged.
= connect meaning fully with God and people/neighbors.
1) Connect with God – who He really is – not our image of Him.
2) Connect with Self – who we are – what is really happening within us, our strengths, weaknesses, desires, pain.
3) Connect with People – able to enter their world and serve them.
· Verse 33 - T he Good Samaritan entered the world o f the broken man, he did what he could. He was moved with compassion, he entered the broken mans
world to find out what was wrong and ministered to him.
· T his is what spiritual maturity looks like, it brings love and compassion into peoples lives, it helps people who need help. T his is the heart of God.
· Religious people avoided, hid from people in need, from the true calling of God.
· Samaritans were despised by religious people as they hang out with the wrong kind of people.
· We engage the Holy Spirit; we get trained so that we have something to pour into people. T o be able to do this, we have to enter into their world.
· T he Church today is disconnected from broken people. We have to be authentic, authentic people are able to connect to others.
2. Adam, Eve and Fig leaves:
· Genesis 3:7-10 - Behavior of Adam and Eve – spiritual and emotionally damaged.
· Fig leaves = covering who I am, identity – presenting an image.
· Hid in trees – avoiding connection from the presen ce o f God.
· Adam and Eve constructed coverings and avoiding behaviors to conceal the true condition of their world = causes pain.
· T o cover up, draw back and control will cause people to become lonely. T he answer is within you. It is covered because o f drawback, control and not be
· The fig leaves must come of for a person to be authentic. Adam believed a lie, hoe can a person fulfill God's mandate in li fe i f they cover up and hide?
· Walls we build to control our world – hinder us fulfilling our purpose.
1) Become lonely – isolated, fearful.
2) Cannot enjoy relationships.
3) Cannot ful fill purpose – enter world and be an ambassador fo r Christ.
· Fig leaves are works and activities and behaviors that conceal who we really are so we do not have to face pain and need for chang e.
· Authentic = you blow it once in a while but you know how to correct it e.g apologizing.
· Good Samaritan
= engaged the world of broken people and ch anged it.
= demonstrated what maturity looks like.
· What are the „Christian Fig leaves?'
3. Fig Leaves and other Christian Coverings:
1) Substituting Christian activities for Authentic Relationships:
· Luke 10:38 - Martha buried hersel f into working for the Lord.
· People bury self in spiritual activities but ignore areas of li fe that are di fficult and God wants to change those areas.
· People hide behind „God talk' creating an illusion that is spiritual but unwilling to face personal flows (defensive).
· Exaggerating spiritual experiences to appea r important befo re others.
· Applying the Bible selectively – ignore truth requiring changes in attitudes, personalities and relationship e.g. workaholic or spiritual flake.
2) Dividing Life into Natural and Spiritual (dualism):
· John 10:10 - “I have come that you may have life – abundantly”.
· T he life o f Jesus is for every aspect and area o f our life.
· People divide up life: (1) Christian activity (2) Natural – rest of week
· Church sings about love – curse drivers on their way home.
· Business men worship God – dishonest during the week.
· Christian trust God – won't pay bills.
· Christians focus on spiritual – but won't face the natural (carnal).
· God calls us to represent Him in every area o f life. Represent God without being religious, with excellent service and integrity.
· We connect to Jesus, He grow (raise to maturity) us so that we can impact the world around us. We are called to be the Good Samaritan.
· Wisdom = win people, not religion or weirdness.
3) Burying Painful Emotions:
· We are created in the image of God with emotions and we have them too.
· John 11:35 - Jesus wept.
· Feeling and emotions are part o f being human, in image of God.
· If unabl e to express emotions – dishonor yourself. Be authentic with God; pour out your soul to Him. Express passionately and then stir faith.
· People express anger, pain, loss, grief, fear, sadness. It is ok to human. You can't be a perfect Christian. He desires truth in the inner parts.
· Christians seems to bury and conceal the emotion or sin.
· Listening to the voice of the emotion enables us to understand our inner world.
4) Concealing Weaknesses and Failures:
· Genesis 3:10 - “I was afraid – hid”
· Grace chang es; if you receiv e grace for yoursel f it will be easier to give grace to others.
· God doesn't call us to be perfect in behavior, but to have relationship with Him.
· People feel pressure to present their image as strong and together.