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encouraged to step out and do stuff, try stuff, and if you make a mistake, well good on you, you had a go. You can't
exist in a culture where you can't have a go. Just have a go. I've had a go for years. You know almost everything I've
learnt, I went somewhere, and I had a go, tried it out. All the things I learnt pretty well in the supernatural I've
developed in, I went somewhere else, and I practiced and had a go. I thought I can leave and go home and then
[laughs] and took risks, took terrible risks, but it's helped me grow see?
So here's another couple of things, and then we'll just finish them, I'll just finish. Here's a couple of goodies that
Christians cover up, and one is, we cover up our background, and won't admit that our background is affecting how
we live our life today - cover up our background. Now listen, if you think about your background, your background is
about how you were raised, it's the values you got, how you thought about money, how you thought about family,
how you thought about conflict, how you thought about emotions, how you thought about anger and handling anger,
how you thought about handling disappointments, how you handled success in life. Most of the values you have, they
were formed as you grew up in your family, and of course if we grow up in broken families, we need to face the reality
that a lot of our thinking is wrong, and needs to change.
The only way you can do that, is being willing to let the Holy Ghost help you resolve your past, and to bring revelation
truth about how you live your life and become effective. So I need to be willing to face - I've had to face things, I'm still
facing stuff. It'll never stop, it's just a journey of walking wi th God, and layer by layer He opens our life, we face things
that are painful, we talk with Him. He shows us the truth, and we begin to move on with our life. It's a journey. It's
okay to be on that journey, but don't just pretend that your family was perfect. Don't sort of say something lik,e I heard
someone say when I was counselling: well I've moved on. That's my past, all behind me, it's at the cross. I said: well
you seem to have brought a lot with you. [Laughter] It looks to me like it's all just happening, just like it was in your
family. It helps you to have a think about how you saw things in your own family, and how they're happening in your
family right now. Chances are they're the same - unless you've actually been healed in that area, and allowe d the
Lord to bring truth to you.
The last one is the issue of conflict. One of the big issues, that is a problem for us, is the issue of conflict, handling
conflict; and either spiritualising it away, or hiding it away, or putting it under a carpet hoping it'll die; but it's usually
like cancer. It just spreads, it doesn't get any better, and one of the areas that Christians have to learn to do, is how to
engage one another when there are differences, and learn how to enter into places where there are conf licts. It's not
easy to do that, and we're going to share a session just related to that at some point, on how Jesus, interestingly
enough, stirred up conflict wherever He went. What He did was He demolished the false peace, by exposing what
was really happening, and when He did that it made room for change to take place. In some places, He actually said
things that provoked out to the open, and created a huge conflict. So life has got lots of conflicts in it, and in church,
we're not good at that.
I know for me growing up, conflict was a thing of tremendous emotional pain. It was an evil - you don't have it if you
can avoid it, but actually you can't avoid it. You need to engage it. That's the truth, but sometimes we need to be
healed in order to do that. If we're going to go out and have effect in the community, in a greater level than we have
now, there will be conflict; and if you're unwilling to get enter into it, you'll be at a great disadvantage. You'll be beaten
up, spat out, and you'll say: evangelism's not for me. I think I'll just carry on down to the church, and I'll cross by the
other side of the road, and I won't be bothered about getting involved with those people. It just hurts too much. So
God is calling us to grow up emotionally, spiritually, become mature, so that we are empowered to have greater
impact in the community - so one and the other go hand in hand.
As you go to the community, as you touch the lives of people, you become aware of what's in your life, and you grow.
As you grow, you do it again, and try different things. Listen, we're living in a great hour worldwide. We were just at a
conference, 20,000 people, and I looked and I saw every province in China was represented there. I realised I had
personally trained every one of those people in how to move in the power of God, and bring God to people. Even
though at times it's been very difficult, you see what impact you can have. Thousands can be impacted, or just a few,
or just one or two; whatever it is, we can all make a difference in someone's world. But let's not have a look, tut-tut-
tut, and cross to the other side, and go to another church meeting. Let's make a decision: God, I want to grow in my
maturity, emotionally and spirituall,y and I want to be engaged in reaching people that need You. I present myself to
You to do that.