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Fifth Chords

Fifth Chords

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Published: 3 years ago

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For Guitar Players only! Power Chords: behind the myth The Guitarists Friend: Some people also call Fifth Chords, Power Chords, but this is an inaccurate description. Fifth Chords are neither Minor nor Major, as there is no Third. Truth: There are two types of Fifth Chords Open Fifth Chords and Barre Fifth Chords Taking Fifth Chords to the Extreme: A Fifth Chord could also be called a Perfect Chord, as its internal Interval is one of only two Perfect Intervals. Joses’ website: Joses’ Facebook page: Joses’ YouTube page: Joses’ Google+ page:


Joses Gosper

Joses Gosper - a Yamaji Man, born in 1977 to a Wojala Father (White Man) and a Nunda Mother (Aboriginal Woman). Joses was born and raised on Malgana Land (Carnarvon and Shark Bay, Western Australia) north of his traditional Nunda Land (near Kalbarri) within the Yamaji Tribal Region on the Central Coast. After an illiterate childhood, the necessity to document his life experiences forced Joses to teach himself how to read and write at age 18, a medium of expression that then became a way of life; and it is within this consideration that the Writings and Publications that are presented here have been written for the love of the Subject Matter more than the love of the Written Word – Practicality before Poetry. Joses’ website: Joses’ Facebook page: Joses’ YouTube page: Joses’ Google+ page:

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