Fertility Secrets Revealed HTML version

thanks for downloading my free report. Let me introduce myself first:
My name is Melinda Stevens and I'm a happy mother of a 2-year-old boy.
I always thought I might be infertile, until I discovered an E-Book called
Fertility Secrets Handbook, written by a Swedish woman called Helene
Kvist, who first became pregnant at the age of 41 and now has 3 children.
Her book is all about secrets to increase a woman's fertility.
Only 4 months after I started using the methods described in Helene's
book, I got pregnant at an age of 37. This book really changed my life,
and therefore I decided to share some of the secrets with fellow women
who are trying to get pregnant.
Before coming to the actual tips, I would like to explain what happens
during a menstrual cycle and how it affects your chances to get pregnant.
A Menstrual Cycle
With every menstrual cycle, your body prepares for a pregnancy. An
average cycle takes 28 days to complete, and can be divided into three
phases: the follicular phase, the ovulatory phase (ovulation), and the luteal
The follicular phase is the first phase of your period. It starts on the first
day of your monthly cycle:
Your brain releases the hormones FSH (follicle stimulating
hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone). They travel through your
blood to the ovaries.
The ovaries contain follicles that house immature eggs. The
hormones FSH and LH then stimulate the growth of these eggs.