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Feminology- Woman abuse HTML version

-Your abuser may try to isolate you from your social
-Your abuser has a self-righteous attitude; he’s always
right you’re wrong, especially when you disagree with him.
-Belittle and/or degrade you and your suffering.
-Emotional or verbal abuse is only one step away from
outright physical and/or sexual abuse. He may become so enraged
and frustrated at ‘your behaviour’ or your ‘misbehaviour’
hostile words may not be enough for him to inflict upon you. Be
alert and careful at all times. Chronic abusers can have
explosive and unpredictable tempers. If your partner threatens
to harm or kill you, take it seriously!
-Abusive partners will often start a problem even if none
exists. You’ll be blamed if you stay silent or if you try to
politely defend yourself
-Physical and sexual violence almost always contains some
form of verbal abuse; curse and bitch you out while they’re
hitting you.
-If you have children, he may use them as a weapon against
you; I’ll take them away from you. However, if it appears that
you’re getting out of the relationship and you have children,
he’ll most certainly assume that you’ll take what belongs to him
away. This is another potentially dangerous period. Be careful!
-He may threaten to harm himself or commit suicide. If you
fear for your health, safety and life, leave anyway. If he
commits suicide it’s not your fault.
-Your property belongs to you. He shouldn’t destroy or
steal it. Neither should he try to sell it off without your
-If he keeps calling you at work or school, or if he keeps
checking up on your matters, it’s abuse. Certainly you don’t
like it.
-Chronic abusers can become extremely suspicious, to the
point of imagining ‘secret affairs’ between you and someone
else. This is another danger sign. Be careful!
-If you decide to take self-defence for women and you’re
still in the relationship, DO NOT TELL HIM! He may feel that he
must put you back in your place. Be careful, if you take the
classes in secret and he find out, he may explode with anger.
-If you think it is abuse it probably is. If you’re in a
dangerous marriage or other kind of relationship, you have a
right to call the police.
-Save money for a rainy day. The abuse probably won’t stop
therefore, you may have to leave. Either you leave or you call
the police and throw the abuser out. The disadvantage of the
latter is that the abuser knows exactly where you live.