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Feminology- Woman abuse HTML version

Title: Feminology: Woman Abuse
Author: Bassam Imam
Sustained physical, verbal, mental and/or sexual abuse of a
woman in a relationship often results in a severe stress
disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD. This kind of
disorder can be so severe physical and mental disorders may
occur. Thus it can compare to post intense combat situations.
The wounds can also be life-threatening or cause death.
Domestic violence or abuse can be physical, emotional
and/or sexual between members of a family who may or may not be
biologically related. This can include a married couple,
children, a live-in couple, a boyfriend-girlfriend type of
relationship, and any companion animals in the household.
Most often the male partner is physically stronger and
wealthier than the wife or girlfriend. The abuser thus knows
this, feels this and takes advantage of the situation.