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Feelings, houghts & Emoions
David Samuel
The greatest beauty often comes out of the greatest pain. Music, art, expressions of Love, the
list is endless. These writings came to me spontaneously in times of great suffering over a
period of many years of spiritual seeking. Some I wrote, others seemed to be someone
speaking to me. When I read my own writing, I am not sure, but I do know that these intensely
comforting thoughts had a voice of their own.
When I found great pain, I also touched a spiritual union that filled me with joy and Love of a
nature far greater than any woman could provide. Such is the paradox of the mystical life. This
never eliminated my desire for companionship on a human level, but it did give me a comfort
that stays with me every day of my life and satisfies me when I am alone, perhaps more than
when I am with other people. This too, is a paradox of the mystical life.
There will always be pain for the spiritual seeker as long as there is separation from God,
whatever each one perceives God to be, and this world makes it very difficult to end that
separation permanently.
Union with the Divine can appear to be felt through the emotion of Love. Only with a heart in
Love can we truly join with God or any other being. But to know hot, one must know cold. To
know Love, one must know pain, union requires separation. You have never failed in love, your
pain has prepared the road to know complete Love. What pure, complete and spiritual Love is,
is not what people generally know as love.
Spiritual Love is the absence of fear and all the negative emotions that enter your heart and
mind. Love cannot be cultivated, it can only be experienced when that which binds it has been
removed. This is the work of the spiritual path, and the reason that pain brings Love. For the
seeker, emotional pain exhibits the clinging of the lesser ego, and as it rears its head, the
opportunity to remove it arises. And so pain exposes the inhibitor of Love so the seeker can
catch and remove it, thus experiencing Mystical Love and Union with the Divine. In this way,
pain brings Love. But humans are slow learners and must experience a lot of pain before they
can fully remove this bind to the ego and its desires, fears and negative emotions.
Words have many meanings, but feelings cannot be adequately expressed in words. You must
be able to feel the emotions behind the words, and this you can only do with an truly open
mind. If your mind could be that open, you will also feel this Love.
Pain is not necessarily painful, but Mystical Union is always Divine. These words of Love were
inspired at times by many things, nature, an emotional experience, or by the sight of a beautiful
woman, not just a face, but a soul. Some have been inspired by seeing others in intense
suffering, and even the blank faces on a rush hour bus.
All these things can inspire a seeker to joy or pain, they are two sides of the same coin.
Mystical literature is often marked by paradox, the undeniable truth that where pain lives, joy is
also present, and vice versa. Feeling without disdain or desire, brings with it the other, and
there is a complete experience of all emotions without subjective opinions. When opinions of
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