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Essential nutrients that will help you gain muscle, not fat! By Anthony Ellis
The Need for Food

Not a day goes by that I don’t receive dozens of emails from underweight men and women, wanting to know how to gain weight. Now that summer is just around the corner, the questions have accelerated. Everyone wants to know how to gain muscle in time for summer. They want to know why their current routine is not working for them. Typically, they go into great detail about their workout, but I never hear a word about their diet.

While weight training plays an important part in muscle building, it’s your diet that will ultimately determine your weight gain success or failure. Weight training provides the signal for your body to build more muscle, but your diet provides the raw material necessary to actually construct the muscle.

If you want to gain more weight by summertime, you need to eat. Period. It’s that simple. Anytime someone tells me that they cannot gain weight, my first question is what are you eating?

No matter what type of supplements you are using, or what type of workouts you are doing, you will NOT gain muscle without the proper diet. In fact, if your diet is bad, you may end up losing muscle or just getting fat.