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Fearlessly Communicating and Talking with Confidence

By Joshua Uebergang


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“Joshua tackles a key element of conflict resolution: fear and how it results in conflict avoidance. He advises to reality check our fears and see the value of speaking up and his comments on self-talk are bang-on with respect to communicating effectively in conflict.”

Gary Harper
Professional trainer, writer, and speaker and recent author of 'The Joy of Conflict Resolution'.


Introduction 4
Birth of Fear 4
Perceptual Process 5
Real or Fake Threat 5
Being Needy and Seeking Approval 6
Clarity Forms Confidence 7
Confident Non-Verbal Communication 7
1) Moving Eye Contact 8
2) Weak Touch 8
3) Stay Away 8
4) Carry Yourself 9
What are You Saying to Yourself? 9
Ensuring You Become Confident 10 Practice, Practice, and Practice 11 Communication Must be Continually Learned 11 Recommended Confidence Resources 14