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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Fear & Sunshine: Prelude

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Published: 1 year ago

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For generations, the Dark smith family has constructed, concocted, or otherwise created the minions of the world’s most wicked foes. Be their armies of undead warriors or hordes of the most vicious beasts, they all know Dark smith Manor as their birthplace. One creature, born from the sum of all fears, wanted more than to serve any master. But the next heir to the Dark smith Manor is about to arrive.


Donovan Scherer

Donovan Scherer is a graphic designer/illustrator/writer from Kenosha, WI. Wanting to shift away from client work and the never-ending hunt for a day job, he began putting his own stories to paper in 2009. Fear & Sunshine, the first series self-published through his freelance design company, Ratatat Graphics, has had two books released so far, as well as ZomBeans, a game for iOS and Android. This is the story of Sunshine Saliente, a sweet little hippie girl who also happens to be the heiress of Darksmith Manor, the greatest monster-making dynasty that ever was.

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