Faust - Part I HTML version

(with a bunch of keys and a lamp before a small iron door)
A fear unwonted o'er my spirit falls;
Man's concentrated woe o'erwhelms me here!
She dwells immur'd within these dripping walls;
Her only trespass a delusion dear!
Thou lingerest at the fatal door,
Thou dread'st to see her face once more?
On! While thou dalliest, draws her death-hour near.
(He seizes the lock. Singing within.)
My mother, the harlot,
She took me and slew!
My father, the scoundrel,
Hath eaten me too!
My sweet little sister
Hath all my bones laid,
Where soft breezes whisper
All in the cool shade!
Then became I a wood-bird, and sang on the spray,
Fly away! little bird, fly away! fly away!
FAUST (opening the lock)
Ah! she forebodes not that her lover's near,
The clanking chains, the rustling straw, to hear.
(He enters.)
(hiding her face in the bed of straw)
Woe! woe! they come! oh bitter 'tis to die!
FAUST (softly)
Hush! hush! be still! I come to set thee free!
(throwing herself at his feet)
If thou art human, feel my misery!