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I would recommend the Fat-Loss-4-Idiots Guide.
The diet offers a solid variety of meals, so you're eating different
foods every day, and with four meals daily, you won't get hungry.
Unlike other diet programs, fat loss 4 idiots does not not worry about
calorie or carb counting, and no limit on portion size. The aim is to
just eat short of being full.
Go here for more information on this:
on to the tough part.... ;)
My dietary tips to boost fat loss are:
1) Remove or greatly reduce refined Carbs from your diet...
EG. bread, cereal, baked goods, pancakes, pizza, pasta, and
anything else made with wheat, oats, or other grains – even
whole grains.
2)Avoid all soda's, pepsi, coke!!
3)Alcohol intake should be kept to a minimum, but a
small amount of alcohol is OK, if you feel you simply must have it.
4)As the saying says, "Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Queen,
and eat dinner like a pauper."
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