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My Fitness Hut’s 20-Minute Fat Blasting Workouts by

Mark Dilworth, BA, PES, CPT


Performance Enhancement Specialist



Copyright, My Fitness Hut, 2010. All rights reserved. No part of this book, except for brief credited quotations, may be reproduced without prior approval from the author or publisher.

Published by Mark Dilworth and My Fitness Hut in the United States of America. www.myfitnesshut.com
My Fitness Hut’s 20-Minute Fat Blasting Workouts Table of Contents
Introduction – Mark Dilworth and His Fat Blaster Athletic Training System
1. Setting Fitness Goals and Getting Started 1
2. Nutrition and Supplements 3
3. My Fitness Hut’s “Workout” Guidelines 5
4. My Fitness Hut’s 20 Minute Fat Blasting Workouts 7
5. Exercise Illustrations 13
6. My Fitness Hut Membership About Mark Dilworth and His Fat Blaster Athletic Training System

I am a Performance Enhancement Specialist and former NCAA Division I athlete. We all want that body! What body, you ask? That cut, ripped, lean, toned, etc. body! There are many different words for it and we want varying degrees of that body type. Bodybuilders are probably the most extreme when it comes to "getting cut" for competition. Athletes need the lean body type to compete at a high level. Others want the lean body type because it looks good. For everyone, the lean body type will bring good health which is the most important thing!

At My Fitness Hut (includes Sports Fitness Hut and Her Fitness Hut), I have designed all of my exercise programs based on an Athletic Training System. Why? Here are the reasons:

1) There is not a better or faster way to sculpt your body. You also get superior heart health. Research and my personal experience backs this up. Just look at an athlete's body. You don't have to be an athlete to train like one. Also, there are varying degrees of athletic training---some techniques are more intense than others. I tailor the program to your fitness level and/or limitations.

2) I am a former NCAA Division I athlete, so I'm not playing a guessing game when it comes to this type of training. I use research, empirical evidence and real-life experience to develop training programs.

3) Forget about weight loss and concentrate on fat loss. Building lean muscle mass will burn the fat and permanently speed up your metabolism. And you will be a athlete. You could say Your Fitness Hut. It is about YOU and what YOU REALLY WANT! Don't let fear stop you from reaching your sports fitness goals!

About Mark Dilworth And His Strength and Power Training System

4) It doesn't require marathon training sessions. We all have a tight schedule. No training session last longer than 1 hour and some sessions are as short as 30 minutes.

The information in this fitness program is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose an illness or injury. You must get medical clearance before beginning this exercise and nutrition program. This exercise program is intended for individuals age 18 or older.

The information is this fitness program is not intended to replace any fitness program that has been prescribed by your physician. If you are taking medications, you must get medical clearance before beginning this program.

You are responsible for performing the exercises in this program correctly and safely. Make sure that any equipment used is in safe working condition. Always warm up prior to a strength or cardio workout. You may need a fitness professional to show you correct exercise technique.

If you experience dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath or other medical problems, stop exercising immediately and consult your physician. You must get a complete physical exam and medical clearance to use this program if you are sedentary, have hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, diabetes, osteoporosis, coronary artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, arthritis, pregnant, obese or over 30 years old.

Mark Dilworth, BA, PES, CPT


Performance Enhancement Specialist


Here is my top 10 list to get you started on the way to Blasting The Fat and getting the lean and toned body that you want:

1) Make a commitment to fitness training. This commitment trumps all other fitness commitments. Without it, you will always fall prey to the inevitable obstacles and pitfalls along the way.

2) Be willing to change your eating habits! Sixty to 70% of your fitness goal success or failure will depend on good nutrition.


3) You must change your body composition! You must increase lean muscle mass to become a “fat-burning machine.”


4) You must do more than cardio exercise to burn body fat and change your body composition!

5) Make a commitment to full-body strength training! Among other things, it burns fat, builds muscle and speeds up your metabolism.

6) Keep a food journal. This will help you keep track of your eating habits and help you make needed changes. Keeping a food journal is critical for helping you succeed.

7) Find out your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Your BMR is the amount of daily calories your body needs to maintain itself. You will use this amount to set your daily menu. You can calculate your BMR and caloric needs at my site

Testimonials!! http://www.yourfitnessuniversity.com

8) Track your exercise activity for the first week to get an idea of how many calories you are burning and how many calories you need to consume each day to reach your fat loss goals.

9) Find an accountability partner such as a friend or personal trainer. This is also a critical step to help you succeed. Don’t try to do this program alone!

10) Get a fitness assessment performed by a certified personal trainer to identify your postural deficiencies, muscle imbalances, etc. The trainer can also tailor this program to your individual needs.

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Once you find out your basal metabolic rate, you can then determine how many daily calories you need to reach your goals. If you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. Daily exercise can help you burn calories!

Don’t depend on supplements! Get the nutrition you need from food as much as possible!


You may also need to change your nutritional habits! Here are some examples:

1) DON'T SKIP BREAKFAST (or any other meal). It keeps your metabolism ramped up. Eat meals every 3-4 hours to keep your energy level during the day.
2) Eat your food on a plate, not in a bag or jar. It helps you eat healthier.
3) Eat with a purpose---the purpose of health and fitness! 4) Eat at least 2 servings of a fruit or veggie at every meal. 5) Eat mainly "heart-healthy" unsaturated fats.
6) Eat fast food as little as possible.
7) If it's fried, let it slide!
8) Eat lean meats like skinless chicken breast, white meat turkey and lean beef.
9) Eat healthy snacks like almonds, walnuts and low-fat yogurt. 10) Eat until you are full, not stuffed (take a doggy bag).

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Cut out these type foods: sodas, sugary fruit juice drinks, candy, cookies, donuts, fried meats and fried foods, fast foods, ketchup, mayonnaise

Add these type foods: whole grain breads, whole grain cereals, oatmeal, almonds, nuts, low-fat dairy products, low-fat yogurt, fruits, veggies, unsweetened tea, water, lean meats (baked, broiled or grilled), olive oil, cinnamon, mustard. You get the idea!

Try your best to get the nutrition you need from the food you eat! Save your money! Many people take supplements because their diets are lacking certain nutrients or they are trying to reach some exercise goal. When choosing supplements, always look at the active ingredients on the label. Also, some herbal supplements have side effects. So, what's a good plan to follow regarding consumption of supplements?

--Discuss the supplements with your doctor. Don't try to treat serious medical conditions with supplements.


--Look at the GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) supplement list published by The U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The supplements that I take and recommend to clients are multivitamins, fish oil and green tea. Notice that these
supplements are great for health benefits and have nothing to do with weight loss!

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1) A strength training workout should not exceed 1 hour. An interval cardio workout should not exceed 20-30 minutes. Always do the prescribed warm up on the workout program.

2) Each “Strength and Power” Level lasts 4 weeks. Start at the level you are physically capable of handling (some are ready for level 3 right away).

3) Do strength training workouts 3 days a week such as M-W-F.


4) Do interval cardio workouts 3 days a week such as T-Th-Sat.


5) You can do strength training and interval cardio workouts on the same days. You should have at least 1 day of rest.

6) After 12 consecutive weeks of “Strength and Power” training, rest for one week. You may do “active rest” such as league basketball or softball games or light, low-intensity workouts.

7) Follow the exercise programs as they are laid out. This includes taking the prescribed rest periods and doing the repetitions at the prescribed tempo. A 1-1-1 tempo means that you lower the weight or body for 1 second (eccentric contraction or force reduction), hold the weight or body static for 1 second (isometric contraction, or force stabilization) and lift the weight or body for 1 second (concentric contraction or force production). Many core exercises just require that you hold the body position for 3-5 seconds. If the prescribed tempo is “FAST” then do the exercise at full speed.

Testimonials!! http://www.yourfitnessuniversity.com 9) Do static stretches after your workout to return your muscles to their normal length.

SMFR means Self Myofascial Release with foam rolls.
You will basically be your own massage therapist. Listed below is a summary of the benefits of SMFR:

1. SMFR releases tension in your muscles due to overuse, tightness and aging.
2. The SMFR process restructures and realigns your skeletal system.
3. The SMFR process improves balance and body awareness.
4. SMFR can be used in the rehabilitation process and massage therapy.
5. SMFR can be used for Pilates exercises.

Here is an example of a SMFR hamstring exercise:



1. Place hamstrings on the roll with your hips unsupported.
2. Crossed your feet to increase leverage.
3. Roll from knee toward posterior hip.
4. If a "tender point" is located, stop rolling, and rest on the tender point until pain decreases by 75%.

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Dynamic Warm Up – 5 minutes before all workouts


Jump Rope, 3 minutes Jog, 2 minutes

The goal for exercise is to improve heart health (and overall health) and blast the body fat. And, don’t let your exercise cause you to lose muscle mass! I have seen too many people lose valuable muscle mass while doing too many long, boring cardio sessions of 60 to 90 minutes! Personally, I don’t have the time (or patience) to devote to 3-4 sessions a week of lengthy cardio!

The take home lesson is this: don’t waste time with lengthy cardio sessions and you will burn fat and spend more time building muscle mass. And, this will give you the “lean and mean fat-burning machine” that you want!

I personally use a variety of 20-minute, fat-burning workout programs that won’t eat away at my muscle mass. Using variety will keep your body from adapting to the same workout week after week. It will also keep you from getting bored. Here they are:

--Bodyweight Strength Cardio
--Circuit Strength Training
--Sprint Interval Cardio
--Run, Jump and Step Exercise
--Leg Strength Circuits Testimonials!! http://www.yourfitnessuniversity.com
--Cardio Blasts with Strength Training
--Cardio/Core Strength Combo

Keep in mind that all of these workouts are short in duration—about 20 minutes! So, your muscles won’t waste away with long cardio sessions. Aerobic exercise is an activity that is done continuously for more than 2 straight minutes. But, research has proven that the heart-health benefit of anaerobic exercise (like shortsession sprint interval cardio) is superior to aerobic exercise.

The progression of cardio exercise should be low-intensity aerobics to moderate/high-intensity aerobics to high intensity anaerobic exercise.

Look at each type of high-intensity workouts:


Bodyweight Strength Cardio – This type of cardio exercise will also give you muscle-building benefits.

Circuit-style. Do each exercise one after the other with little or no rest between exercises. Rest 2 minutes between circuits. Do the circuit 2 times.

1. Bodyweight squats, 25, moderate pace
2. Pushups, 20, moderate pace
3. Jump squats, 10, fast
4. Pull-Ups, 8-10, moderate pace
5. Walking lunges, 10 steps each leg, moderate pace
6. Triceps dips, 15, moderate pace
7. Repeat circuit 1 more time.

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Circuit Strength Training – This type of training is similar to bodyweight cardio. Just add dumbbells, medicine balls, etc. So, you could do the workout above with added resistance.

Sprint Interval Cardio – This is just what it sounds like (and personally my favorite). Do sprint intervals this way:

1. Sprint 60 yards
2. Walk back
Do this rotation for 20 minutes

To add difficulty to this exercise, run on an incline or wear a light exercise vest. Be sure to run with correct mechanics to avoid injuries. Sprinting will activate the bulkier fast twitch muscle fibers that sculpt your legs better. Just look at athletes’ bodies in sports that require sprinting.

Run, Jump and Step Exercise – This type of exercise is one of the best ways to tone and shape your body! You don't need any machines---just get your body ready for some very intense exercise. If you have knee or low back problems, this type of workout is not for you.

1. Run, 30 seconds full speed
2. Walk, 1 minute
3. Squat Jumps, 10, fast
4. Walk, 1 minute
5. Step Ups (knee high platform), 10 each leg
6. Walk, 1 minute
7. Run, 30 seconds full speed
8. Walk, 1 minute
9. Jumping jacks, 1 minute, fast

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10. Walk, 1 minute
11. Mountain climbers, 30 seconds, fast
12. Walk, 1 minute
13. Run, 30 seconds, full speed
14. Walk, 1 minute
15. Jump rope, 1 minute, fast
16. Walk, 1 minute
17. Walking lunges, 10 steps each leg, moderate pace

Leg Strength Circuits – This is a favorite cardio type for women and athletes who play in speed and power sports. It obviously has strength benefits as well.

Do each exercise, 10 repetitions, one after the other with little or no rest between exercises. Rest 2 minutes between circuits. Do the circuit 3 times. This is a good bodyweight leg circuit program:

1. Prisoner squats, moderate pace
2. Step ups (knee high platform), 10 each leg
3. Tuck jumps or squat jumps, fast
4. Walking lunges with upper body rotation, moderate pace, 10 each leg
5. Side lunges, moderate pace, 10 each leg

Add dumbbells or other resistance to increase difficulty.


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Cardio Blasts with Strength Training – Challenge your body with high-intensity cardio blasts! You would do a “cardio blast” between each strength exercise. This is also a good way to break through your fat loss plateaus.

Get off the elliptical and treadmill machines and make your cardio interesting and more effective! This is a “cardio blast” circuit workout that is very effective:

1. Walking lunges, moderate pace, 10 steps each leg
2. Squat jumps, 10, fast
3. Pull Ups, 10, moderate pace
4. Jumping jacks, fast, 1 minute
5. Bodyweight squats, 12, moderate pace
6. Jump rope, fast, 1 minute
7. Close-Grip pushups, 12, moderate pace
8. Run-In-Place, 30 seconds, fast
Rest 2 minutes and repeat circuit.

Cardio/Core Strength Combo - I have found that combining core and cardio workouts work well. Try this one:

1. Mountain climbers, full speed, 30 seconds
2. Plank, 10, 10 second hold
3. Tuck jumps, 10, full speed
4. Plank, 10, 10 second hold
5. Walking lunges, moderate pace, 10 each leg
6. Side Plank, 10 each side, 10 second hold
7. Bodyweight squats, 10, moderate pace
Rest 2 minutes between circuits. Repeat circuit 2 more times.

If you can't do an exercise full speed, then try half-speed or threequarters speed until you improve.


Testimonials!! http://www.yourfitnessuniversity.com

Try these workouts to improve your fat loss and health! Don’t let long, boring cardio sessions eat away at your muscle mass! Mix up your cardio types and strength training to avoid repetitive stress injuries. And, lastly, keep your workouts intense and short!

Testimonials!! http://www.yourfitnessuniversity.com


Bodyweight Squats



Start with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and toes slightly pointed out. Squat down as if sitting in a chair. Keep your chest out, looking straight ahead. Keep the natural arch of your back. Contract your glutes and push yourself back up to the starting position. That’s 1 repetition.




Lie chest-down with your hands at shoulder level, palms flat on the floor and slightly more than shoulder-width apart, your feet together and parallel to each other look forward. Keep your legs straight and your toes tucked under your feet. Straighten your arms as you push your body up off the floor. Keep your palms fixed at the same position and keep your body straight. Try not to bend or arch your upper or lower back as you push up. Exhale as your arms straighten out. Pause for a moment and lower your body slowly back towards the floor.
Jump Squats


Start with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and toes slightly pointed out. With hands behind head and elbows out, squat down as if sitting in a chair. Keep your chest out, looking straight ahead. Keep the natural arch of your back. Contract your glutes and explosively jump as high as you can. Repeat immediately.




Grip the overhead handles wider than shoulder width apart, with your palms turned away from you and hang with your ankles crossed. Movement: - Exhale as you bend your elbows and pull your shoulder up towards the handles. Inhale as you slowly lower yourself back down to the starting position. Repeat as required.
Walking Lunges


Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Step forward with right foot (12 o’clock) and bend your knees into a lunged position. Your back knee should come close to touching the ground and your front leg should be bent to about 90 degrees at the knee. Keep your body upright at 90 degrees.

Mountain Climbers



Starting Position: Bend at your waist to place your palms shoulder width apart on the floor. Bring your right knee in towards your chest with your foot on the ground, and stretch your left leg back. Movement: Exhale as you switch the position of your legs from bent close to your chest to stretched out behind you. Keep your back flat. Repeat as required.
Tricep Dips

00010.jpgWith your hands on the bench, about shoulder width apart, lower your butt to the floor and back up.


Prisoner Squats



Start with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and toes slightly pointed out. Hold your hands behind your head with elbows out. Squat down as if sitting in a chair. Keep your chest out, looking straight ahead. Keep the natural arch of your back. Contract your glutes and push yourself back up to the starting position. That’s 1 repetition.
Step Ups With Knee High Platform


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart in front of a flat bench or step. Exhale as you take a large step onto the bench with your right foot. Don’t put your left foot on the bench. Inhale as you return back down to the starting position.

Side Lunges



Stand with your arms in front of you. Movement: Inhale as you bend your right knee and lower yourself down until it is at a 90-degree angle. Exhale as you press yourself back up to the starting position. Repeat on other side as required.


Starting Position: - On an exercise matt get down into the push up position. Movement: - Drop your elbows down on to the matt, and exhale as you brace your torso (as if taking a punch). Be sure to keep your back flat throughout the entire exercise. Inhale as you slowly return back down to the starting position. Repeat as required.

7. My Fitness Hut Membership


Become a member and get access to all programs, nutrition, exercises and more! GET 2 FREE WEEKS! Click link below:





Mark Dilworth, Performance Enhancement Specialist and Former NCAA Division I Athlete. I have trained several youth, high school and college athletes as well as those who want general or competitive fitness.

I can be reached via email at mark@mynutritionhut.com or by phone at 512-289-8879.

You can also visit FITNESS HUT CENTRAL at
http://www.yourfitnessuniversity.com which has links to sites for my fitness blogs, general fitness and women’s fitness.

© My Fitness Hut’s 20 Minute Fat Blasting Workouts, 2010. All rights reserved.


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