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I’ve worked with Matt Lovell since 2003 his insight and knowledge
has been invaluable in enabling me to manage my body
composition and to carry on playing when others my age retired.
Lawrence Dallaglio
Wasps, England and British Lions
“I've been working with Matt for about 7 years. The information he
has given me over the years has changed my life.
The support he has given me in all aspects of nutritional
information has enabled me to extend my career as a rugby
Matt has provided first class service, information and supplementation for
every facet of my life, whether it be injury prevention, injury support to speed
up the healing process, help to gain weight or fat loss and a good eating
Matt is incredibly knowledgeable on every aspect of nutrition from
mainstream diets and supplementation to more off the wall ideas.
I trust Matt implicitly as he has earned it by the results he has enabled me to
achieve week in week out year on year. It's been a privilege to work with
Martin Corry Captain
Leicester Tigers, England and British Lions
Ensuring the athletes that I work with have the correct body composition is
absolute VITAL.
I've developed a massive amount of SCIENTIFIC DATA on what works
and what doesn't when it comes to burning fat for people of all
shapes and sizes.
you can use today to burn fat and show off a 6 Pack..
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