Faraday as a Discoverer


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This FREE eBook is a loving and fascinating biography of the man who helped usher in the modern world by discovering the secrets of electricity. Download it now!

Neuro Sopher

Boy! Am I glad I stumbled into this book. This is the kind of reading that brings back my faith into the advancement of science. I am one of those who despise math theory because it leads to absurdities (big bang, black holes, strings & al). Now, the experimental approach taken by Michael Faraday really talks to me. This guy was not a media clown who tried to hide his lack of understanding behind meaningless math (ex. Einstein). On the contrary, his inquiry into the physical world was of "analog" nature. I mean, he described the sub-molecular phenomena with words and visual imagery, so that we can imagine walking through the molectular lattice of materials as if we were shrunk to that scale. In this way, physics can be understood, criticized, double-checked, and built upon. That's the only way science can progress. Of course, credit has to be given to the author, John Tyndall, for sticking to this "analog" explanation of physics. As a scientist, Mr Tyndall provides the reader with fascinating insights into the theories surrounding Faraday's work. Too bad he did not provide some schematics to help understand some of Faraday's experimental setups. The sheer mass of experimental info that Michael Faraday brought to physics is mind boggling. I am amazed that a sole person could do all that in a lifetime. All in all, I rate his contribution to science as important as that of Aristarch of Samos (heliocentrism), and Galileo (laws of motion). This book is a must-read. Thanks Mr Tyndall. Andre Cliche


make me know more about physic


Excellent. A must for any fan of science.

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