Far Behind HTML version

the quickest and easiest way not to look
disgusting, especially when that wedding is in an
hour and you haven‟t even showered yet.
Yep, the two phrases my mother used
often to try and compensate for all of my
shortcomings were “He has potential” and “He
cleans up nicely.” Hey, at least I shaved?
The tight black overcoat I was wearing
kept repressing my shins as I walked past the
sign for this locally known hall affectionately
dubbed the “Beal House”. I held in a deep
breathe of nervousness, all the while trying to
remind myself that this place and ones like it are
the most inviting sanctuaries to those in recovery.
I looked inside the single glass entrance
door, exposed was a tiny great room with a stage
towards the back that was used for theater events
and the occasional local rock band that would put
on a show or two. Before the stage was an
intimate table of a dozen or so people listening to
the chairperson introduce himself, the purpose of
the gathering, and the few simple rules.
I was late! Damn I hated that.
While entering I was reminded of my first
time at this meeting about four month‟s ago, New
Years Eve. How one of the members and I talked
for an hour and a half after the meeting about