Far Behind HTML version

The guitar‟s twangy repertoire filled my
vintage Ford truck as I turned left into the packed
parking lot.
“Wow, that takes me back a bit,” I respond
by turning up the thunderous eruption of drums
and bass and after a couple of measures the
singer enthralls:
“Some say the end is near; Some say
we’ll see Armageddon soon; Certainly hope we
will; I sure could use a vacation from this
bullshit, three ring, circus-sideshow of freaks
Then I realized the song was now
considered a classic since it was released sixteen
years ago in 1996. Then the song “What a drag it
is getting old” raced across my mind as I realized
I too am classic since I graduated High school
seven years before that. Thank God perpetual
tardiness kept me from dwelling on those
negative feelings any longer.
I consider myself a gracefully lanky
individual as I climb the steady ramp. Trying to
be debonair can sometimes come easy to a
person with slight Hispanic tones, so my thin
goatee and thick black hair tied back into a
ponytail don‟t look to out of place. Well let‟s
face it, slicking long hair back into a ponytail is