Fantastic New You! An Introductory Guide to Achieving an Astonishing Transformation in Your Weight and Appearance


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Download this FREE eBook, and discover the four (4) key factors to weight loss success that are used by exceptional slimmers toward achieving an astonishingly amazing transformation in their weight and appearance. As featured on the BBC and British press--the author lost 87 pounds in a healthy way in only 100 days, and has kept it off. This FREE eBook can be your key to achieving your own astonishing weight loss and appearance transformation, too! Download it today!


This book is motivational that's it.It's repetitive and NEVER reveals what he actually did to lose weight beside his mindset change. He keeps taunting us with his diet but never reveals it! It is disappointing as we already know with the new age movement that you need to set your mind to what you want to do.Well, most people know that I guess not all.

Grecia Fleury

there is no information on how to loose is only an advertisement

Laura Pooler

As a motivational book, it is pretty good--it certainly points out some important mental factors in dieting successfully, but if you are looking for specific diet and exercise advice, this isn't it.


It really didn't tell you anything..It was the same information over and over

david keenan

i'm David keenan, i've lost six stones so far on Mark's program, actually , if anything it's understated

Sam Fisher

Superb, very insightful

Mike Watson

Just read this.. most helpful.Now i know where im going wrong!!

Elise Bredenkamp

sales pitch - doesn't belong on this website!


A, the author obviously knows a thing or 2 about weight-loss , its about time we had fresh ideas like this!!


Wow, finally a book that has helped me to understand why i have had so much trouble losing weight over the last 20 years


Just a glorified sales blurb to get you to contact them for a consultation. doesnt really give you any help apart from a bit of motivational speak. unless you are looking to buy in to another weight loss program, i wouldnt bother reading this!


This book is nothing but play of words -THE 4 KEY FACTORS OF WEIGHT LOSS. A complete waste of time

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