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Certain Ancient Fables Applied to the Life of Our Times
The Wolf and the Crane
A RICH Man wanted to tell a certain lie, but the lie was of such monstrous size that it
stuck in his throat; so he employed an Editor to write it out and publish it in his paper as
an editorial. But when the Editor presented his bill, the Rich Man said:
"Be content - is it nothing that I refrained from advising you about investments?"
The Lion and the Mouse
A JUDGE was awakened by the noise of a lawyer prosecuting a Thief. Rising in wrath
he was about to sentence the Thief to life imprisonment when the latter said:
"I beg that you will set me free, and I will some day requite your kindness."
Pleased and flattered to be bribed, although by nothing but an empty promise, the
Judge let him go. Soon afterward he found that it was more than an empty promise, for,
having become a Thief, he was himself set free by the other, who had become a Judge.
The Hares and the Frogs
THE Members of a Legislature, being told that they were the meanest thieves in the
world, resolved to commit suicide. So they bought shrouds, and laying them in a
convenient place prepared to cut their throats. While they were grinding their razors
some Tramps passing that way stole the shrouds.
"Let us live, my friends," said one of the Legislators to the others; "the world is better
than we thought. It contains meaner thieves than we."
The Belly and the Members
SOME Workingmen employed in a shoe factory went on a strike, saying: "Why should
we continue to work to feed and clothe our employer when we have none too much to
eat and wear ourselves?"
The Manufacturer, seeing that he could get no labour for a long time and finding the
times pretty hard anyhow, burned down his shoe factory for the insurance, and when
the strikers wanted to resume work there was no work to resume. So they boycotted a