Fantastic Fables HTML version

The Cat and the Youth
A CAT fell in love with a handsome Young Man, and entreated Venus to change her
into a woman.
"I should think," said Venus, "you might make so trifling a change without bothering me.
However, be a woman."
Afterward, wishing to see if the change were complete, Venus caused a mouse to
approach, whereupon the woman shrieked and made such a show of herself that the
Young Man would not marry her.
The Farmer and His Sons
A FARMER being about to die, and knowing that during his illness his Sons had
permitted the vineyard to become overgrown with weeds while they improved the
shining hour by gambling with the doctor, said to them:
"My boys, there is a great treasure buried in the vineyard. You dig in the ground until
you find it."
So the Sons dug up all the weeds, and all the vines too, and even neglected to bury the
old man.
Jupiter and the Baby Show
JUPITER held a baby show, open to all animals, and a Monkey entered her hideous
cub for a prize, but Jupiter only laughed at her.
"It is all very well," said the Monkey, "to laugh at my offspring, but you go into any
gallery of antique sculpture and look at the statues and busts of the fellows that you
begot yourself."
"'Sh! don't expose me," said Jupiter, and awarded her the first prize.
The Man and the Dog
A MAN who had been bitten by a Dog was told that the wound would heal if he would
dip a piece of bread in the blood and give it to the Dog. He did so.
"No," said the Dog; "if I were to accept that, it might be thought that in biting you I was
actuated by improper motives."
"And by what motives were you actuated?" asked the Man.