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Thanksgiving for Autism

Thanks is long overdue for the autistic mind,

Made and molded in many different hues,

All bring beauty to life,

... We should all be grateful for a unique mind,

Mines walked all over the 4 corners of this Earth,

Stretched an flown, even grown in its replies,

We should be thankful for our ways and our days on the calendar,

We are all worthy souls, who don't need a show spectacular,

In God's grace we earn what we yield,

And how we're often depicted isn't how we feel,

Once painted in outrage,

But my heart still lightly fluttered,

Once pointed out to the side,

How we're picked on and depicted is the struggle,

Strong words our waves break the peaceful day,

Once now a beginning not a delay,

Once depicted, now uplifted celebrated this way,

That we're unique, free and useful in our entire array,

You are in charge of the depiction in the end, friend.