Fair Lady HTML version

GENOVIVIA, before my life turned upside down
“Follow your heart… it will tell what you should do.” my mother spoke
to me softly. “You will choose the best suitor if you listen to your heart. The
kingdom will stand by you and bless your marriage, no matter what your
choice is.”
I nodded and my mother left the room. I turned back around to the
window and sighed. “I don't know how much I'll have to wait till my true love
I watched my servants milling around outside, preparing for today’s
festivities. The stable hands were exercising the horses that were going to be
in the tournament later. I watched as the maids rushed outside with buckets,
and mops, and started to wash the courtyard. I saw when the cook approached
my mother with a plate of food.
To my immense horror, I became witness to the murder of my mother.
I did not see what hit her until I saw my mother falling to the ground with
blood spilling from a wound in her chest. I was still watching when the maids
ran towards my mother.
What I did not see was the stable hands creeping up towards my room.
I did not watch as they reached the castle guards and receive weapons from
them. I only realized the mutiny when they broke down my door and my father
fell in gagged and blindfolded.
I did the only reasonable thing that I could think of: I jumped out of the
window. I heard the shouts of the men when they thought I had committed
suicide. Luckily, for me I knew that the laundry maids liked me despite my
snotty behavior. They always helped me escape by placing a bin filled with
sheets that always remain “dirty.” I gave a simple prayer of thanks for the
hardworking servants that give so much.
Someday when bloodthirsty mutinous men were not hunting me down,
I am going to give them at least a simple gift of thanks.