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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Fader (Act I)

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Published: 4 years ago

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Screenplay: It's 2045 and we've come a long way. The unexpected Gamma Burst of Alpha Centauri changed our world forever. There was just one problem: We lived. It has been the understanding of everyone that in the event of a Gamma Burst, the extent of radiation emitted from the burst would be enough to decimate Earth. The electro-magnetic radiation emitted from the Gamma Burst appeared to have somewhat of an unlocking effect with regard to the susceptible ones, thus awakening inner affinities that seemed to lie dormant somehow waiting to be triggered. Many were endowed with special powers. Equally impressive, animals of various species-just like humans-were well equipped with special abilities as well. That ignited the international robot arms race. Or was it more like the robot arms blitz? Download this FREE e-Book, and determine the answer to that question today!

Connie Cade

I read Fade (Act 1) this afternoon. I definitely feel this is a young persons story. The fact that it is written like a script was a little distracting, but not enough to stop the flow. This format takes up twice the number of pages as it would have in book form. The author evidently wants to create a new team of superheros similar to the popular "X-Men" showcasing their inborn abilities in essentially one long battle in NYC. My interests are pure Sci-Fi and/or space opera (not fantasy), so although that is this genre, it was too juvenile for my age group. (I am from the Asimov, Clarke, McCaffrey, etc. introduction to Sci-Fi.) The characters are all young people and it is apparent that is the market the author is targeting.

Connie Cade

I read Fader this afternoon and find that the way it was written, as if a movie script, was a little distracting, but not enough to stop the story flow. I definitely think this is a young persons book - teens and up. The premise seems to be that the author is attempting to introduce another team of super heroes - 5 groups of 5 - to become like the current "X-Men" team so popular among youth. I could see this as a comic book series, as well. I didn't completely understand the explanations of their various powers abilities and how they could work, but most of the book was about their super-human inborn talents during one continuous battle. I prefer space opera and pure Sci-Fi, (no fantasy - Pwhich this is, but it is too juvenile for my age group.

Stephen Rosenthal

I don't like it in script form.


the layout of the pages was off putting,only using half the page width, too many blank pages and part pages, I got hallway through and became bored with these things, so lost interest and canceled it from my library. Had it been done in the conventional style I would have found it much more interesting, and it could have been done in about half the number of pages.

Pam Williams

I really loved this book. Make me wait for the sequal why don't you.



I'm reckless. I know I should be writing this bio from the third person perspective to give the allure of professionalism. Please don't take me too seriously; I don't. I graduated from a premier Art School where I studied Usability and User Interface design. Did I also mention that I graduated into a recession? Score! It's okay, getting a job was totally my plan b anyway. FADER was so PLAN A! I think you should help support my Plan A. I'll help support yours, scout's honor! Otherwise, I'll have to answer those job offer emails asking me to relocate to some random city I've never heard of. I don't want to stare at thousands of lines of code anymore. Please don't make me do it. P.S. I was never a boy scout.

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