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bound environment - having limited life-spans and being alive at different periods in time - get
exactly the same relevant message? Furthermore, if this is a supernatural document, outside of
our space-time domain, you would expect to find evidence of pre-existent knowledge contained
within - information about future events still to occur. It should also be relevant and timeless.
Finally, predictions of events should be accurate in all instances. You should be able to find
hundreds of references to events that were predicted in the Bible that actually occurred; just as
it was predicted.
In my studies I have come to realise that the Bible possesses qualities that no other book has.
Sadly, most people are not aware of this and see the Bible as just another religious or historic
book, with do's and don'ts. But it is actually far more than this. More about this later…
So how do you go about analysing the Bible? Can we find evidence contained in the pages that
would prove to us that this document is from outside our dimensionality and that a Supernatural
Designer was responsible for putting it together? We will start off by first looking at the history
of the Bible and how it came to be.