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Chapter 4: Does God Exist And Can We Prove It?
Having demonstrated some of the flaws in the Theory of Evolution and showing that it has no
proper scientific foundations for its standpoints - considering facts that go directly against what
the Evolution Theory proposes - the only other option available today would be that of
Creationism. Creationism is said to be a religious belief, proposing the existence of humanity,
life, the Earth and the Universe as the result of supernatural workings by a supreme being.1
Scientists believe that the information contained in historic documents such as the Bible and
other biblical texts are non-scientific. They question the accuracy and validity of the information
recorded in those texts. They consider any conclusions drawn from the information contained in
the Bible, can only be classified as pseudo-science. In the 1,800's British geologists and other
scientists argued that, from their observations, the world was considerably older than the 17th-
century scripture-based calculation of less than 6 millennia. From this point forward, a distinct
contrast developed between that which is considered “science” through the Theory of Evolution
and that of the Bible, which is said to be a purely religious view. These contrasts have led
people who believe in Creation, to come up with terms like “Creation Science” and “Intelligent
Design” which is labelled by mainstream science as “pseudo-science”. Even within the
creationist circles, there are many different viewpoints on how the account in the Bible should
be interpreted. These are summarised below:
Theistic Evolution
Theistic evolution asserts that the classical religious teachings about God's creative work are
compatible with the modern scientific understanding about biological evolution. In short, theistic
evolutionists believe that there is a God, that God is the creator of the material Universe and (by
consequence) all life within, and that biological evolution is simply part of the natural processes
within that creation. Evolution, according to this view, is simply the tool that God employed to
develop human life.
Theistic evolution is not a theory in the scientific sense, but a particular view about how the
science of evolution relates to religious belief and interpretation. Theistic evolution supporters
can be seen as one of the groups who reject the conflict thesis, regarding the relationship
between religion and science - that is, they hold that religious teachings about creation and