Factual Faith - Belief Founded on Truth HTML version

that are supposedly represented by the Geologic Column?” If we are drawing conclusions from
evidence before us that are clearly biased towards conforming to the ideas of life evolving over
millions of years; rather than objectively considering facts and also taking into account the
discrepancies that are encountered, should we not re-evaluate our position on our origins and
find a more accurate model that would account for the facts before us?
If we compare the evidence before us today, with what is said to have occurred in the Creation
model, finding a better match between the evidence and the historic accounts, would this not
more clearly point out to us, the direction we need to follow to obtain the truth? Can we really
believe that there is a God and that He created everything and can we somehow show proof of
his existence?
How does science then apply to the view that an Intelligent Designer was responsible for
everything we see today?
Many people would argue that the information contained in the Bible cannot be substantiated
scientifically. Is this statement really true? From only a few aspects that we touched on earlier,
we already know that there are many discrepancies and contradicting facts that would classify
Evolution as non-scientific. Most scientists that hold to the Evolution view, would certainly reject
this statement as an uneducated viewpoint, but not be able to provide expl anations through
scientific means to prove their case.