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Chapter 1: So many Viewpoints
Today, there are close to 7 billion people living on planet Earth, consisting of a variety of
nations.1 Each having communities comprising unique individuals of different cultures, tastes
and habits. We see how people have adapted to their environment and how their lives are
influenced, subtly guided and moulded by various perspectives around them. We know that a
person's values and behaviour, a society's unique culture, or a nation's position and standing in
the world, did not develop overnight. People's belief systems and that of their societies are
formed over extended periods of time and influenced by various factors. When considering a
person living in a family unit – as part of a community or society – we can easily identify different
facets that would play a role in shaping who and what that person will become. We see how
society influences the way you think about life in general as you grow up, but also how you are
moulded and shaped as a result of the impact of people around you. These influences come
from various sources.
Barbara and Philip Newman constitute that factors can be external in the form of the
environment, or caused by situations that one has to deal with on a daily basis. It could be the
social situations in which you find yourself and the social pressure of your peers. The influence
could also be internal - your emotional status, health and lifestyle which may affect how you
think about life and the world. Some influences could shape you over an extended period of
time, like a family tradition, going back decades or even centuries and it could determine how
you interact with people. Other circumstances could have an impact on you over a short period
of time, like a tragedy in the family. Even the media presenting a trendy new fashion, could
shape the way in which you would interact with peers, based on new fashionable trends that are
promoted through the media. This in turn would even help you to distinguish yourself from other
In some cases, according to Gary Ferraro, where people have adapted to harsh environments,
the knowledge passed down from previous generations will aid in the survival of a new
generation and would be considered essential. This could include knowledge on survival in
extremely hot or cold climates, how to find food and to preserve it for times when there is little to
none available. Parents living in these conditions would teach their children everything they
have learned from their parents and through their own experience, in order to prepare them for
life. This is a necessary prerequisite for surviving in certain environments. If you put a person,