Factual Faith - Belief Founded on Truth HTML version

I approach this subject in the following way:
Firstly, we consider the aspects that influence our thinking. People have different views about
various subjects and our thinking have been influenced by several identifiable aspects . Why is
that and why would people have varying opinions on the same subject?
Secondly, we look at how science is used by people to get behind the crux of a matter. We also
expose some ideas that are accepted by the scientific community and the population in general
as the truth for which there is no substantiating “scientific evidence”. In fact, for some “scientific
truths”, there is evidence to the contrary mounting.
Thirdly, we consider the spiritual and supernatural aspects of life and look at how it is possible,
from a human perspective, to evaluate these subjects scientifically. We investigate the
supernatural qualities of the Bible which in the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts
demonstrate qualities of extraordinary design that can only be attributed to supernatural
inspiration by someone existing outside of our dimensionality.
Finally, having access to this hidden knowledge, would you choose to investigate the subject
further or to ignore it? How would you respond to this knowledge – conveying “Absolute Truth”
and God's love for you?