Factual Faith - Belief Founded on Truth HTML version

Have you ever stopped to think whether information that you have just received from a friend,
from someone you've just met, from a family member, or even something you've just heard over
the news, is 100% true and trustworthy? Have you ever been in a situation where two different
individuals gave you the same basic information, but where the content differed slightly between
the two accounts? How did that make you feel? Can you know whether the information has
been altered in any way? Did the people have ulterior motives? Did they intend to leave you
with a specific perspective? How do you go about determining whether the differences in
accounts by individuals on the same topic has to do with their interpretation of the data, or
whether they actually believe what they are saying?
Have you ever witnessed a minor motor vehicle accident and heard both parties agreeing 100%
on what happened? I doubt it. The question to ask is, if it is so easy to mislead or twist the
truth, can you ever be sure of anything? If we find it difficult to identify the truth in concrete
subject matter, what about abstracts like faith? This is a subject devoid of physical sensory
perception and establishing the truth of spiritual subject matter, is probably the most difficult of
Have you ever wondered how you can know that what you believe is really the truth? What
does it mean to believe? According to Eric Schwitzgebel, human belief is said to be the
psychological state in which an individual decides to hold a propositi on or premise as being
Have you considered whether your beliefs are based on your emotions, or have you decided to
adopt a specific belief blindly following a tradition? What role did the media play in what you
hold as true today? Is it even possible to determine whether or not what you believe is accurate
and true? Are you able to discern who is right and who is wrong with so many contradictory
opinions floating around? Is there any way in which you can tell?
My aim in this book is to demonstrate to you how it is possible to obtain absolute certainty of the
truth, when it comes to spiritual matters. My desire for you as you read, is that you will come to
new insights about this subject and - if you have ever doubted the reality of the spiritual - that
you will realise that it is the one subject in which one can have 100% confidenc e of it being
factual and true.