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was developed. Their view of the Earth was limited to what they observed around them at that
time. The technology to send objects into orbit or even to get a good view of the Earth from a
distance did not exist. With their limited perspective, it would appear to people living in the
distant past that the Earth was indeed flat. There are still some individuals, i.e. members of the
Flat Earth Society, who today hold this out-dated view, in spite of the fact that new evidence has
been collected that provide tangible scientific proof against the flat Earth viewpoint.3
Today there are numerous methods in which one can prove, without any doubt, that the Earth is
in fact spherical and not flat. During the past century, scientists came up with brilliant solutions
to problems and technology increased at a rate that far exceeds technological improvements of
previous centuries or millennia. Today, we have high precision GPS systems that can pinpoint
your position on the surface of the Earth very accurately. This is done through exact
triangulation between geostationary satellites that are placed around the globe and a calculation
that measures the angles and distances from your GPS device to the GPS satellites, which then
provides you with an accurate location. 4 This feat of technology would have been unimaginable
in the early 1,800's. At that point, flight was still something that eluded humans and comparing
the situation then to what we have today, it is really astonishing to realise how much the human
race has achieved in a period of just more than a century. Compared to the past four to five
millennia for which we have historic records, knowledge and technology has never increased as
rapidly as during the past two centuries.
A few hundred years ago, people believed that larger objects fall to the Earth faster than smaller
objects, or that the effect of gravity differs for objects with different masses.5 As science
progressed and technology improved, this assumption has been proven incorrect. When
scientists identified external influences, through improved apparatus with which they could
perform additional tests, they quickly realised that there were other factors that significantly
affected objects as they fall through air. The advances in technology allowed them to test the
same hypothesis under conditions that were specifically altered, to ensure that all external
influences could be isolated. This ultimately led to the disproval of the original theory and
provided additional insight. The reason why people believed the theory to be true was because
they were only able to see half of the picture and did not know about the other half that was still
missing and hidden from sight. Taking a closer look at this example, we will quickly
demonstrate how their thoughts progressed from forming a hypothesis, to finally proving that
their initial hypothesis was incorrect.