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Chapter 2: A Little Background
As an engineer I enjoy working environments in which I am allowed to solve problems, so I
really looked forward to the challenge of proving my point. I enjoy science and have always
been intrigued by our Universe and the complexity and diversity of life on Earth.
As I gathered more and more information in my research over the years, I found it so amazing,
that this process has cleared my perspective on various issues. It has also strengthened my
resolve in matters where I did not really hold a definite or solid opinion before. Where
previously I had doubts, there was now a bold assured confidence, bas ed on tangible facts. I
no longer rely on hearsay or personal feelings or unsubstantiated viewpoints.
I will attempt to take you on this journey with me to arrive at a place where you can decide for
yourself - where you can, with absolute certainty, say that you know that what you believe is
true, based on verifiable facts. I hope this will help you too!
According to Menton, there are two general worldviews that one could hold on the origin of life
today.1 A popular view, also considered acceptable science in most scientific circles today,
holds the view that life originated by chance on Earth. This is said to have happened more than
4 billion years ago and that the diversity of creations and life forms that we now see around us
on Earth, were produced through the process of evolution. This process did not require the
involvement of a designer or a creator, it occurred spontaneously, by chance, billions of years
The other viewpoint, previously held by scientists, but now being pushed aside by m ainstream
thinking, says that the Creator God designed and created everything and that the Universe may
not be as old as scientists calculate it to be. Both these views are seemingly difficult to prove
unequivocally and both can be labelled as belief systems, but how does one prove which is true
and which is false? Can both be true at the same time? Surely not, the two systems are vastly
different and have distinctly different mechanisms at work. Your worldview will affect who you
are as a person and how you fit into society. Have you ever considered these two possibilities in
detail? Do you know with certainty, which option you would side with and have good reasons
for doing so?