Factual Faith - Belief Founded on Truth HTML version

out into this world and now that they are here, they might as well enjoy life and do what pleases
them to get the most out of life, before they die and disappear into nothingness.
Others discussed their Roman Catholic background telling me that they did not understand why
they had to go and confess their sins to a priest, a mere sinful man, especially when he seemed
to be enjoying listening to them while fishing for more details on their shameful behaviour. They
were also angry with God and asked the question that if God were good, why would he allow
bad things to happen to good people and their pets? They were at a point where they did not
want to associate with their church anymore, but did not know what the alternative was.
Others again, believed that you are god yourself and that you do not have to answer to anyone
for your actions. You just have to accept the fact that you are god. Once you do this, you will at
some stage reach a point where you will ascend to a higher level of existence - all questions will
be answered and life as we know it, will become meaningless.
When discussing the meaning of prayer with another, he told me that it was just something you
do when you are down – just giving yourself a good pep-talk, nothing more than that. When I
asked some of my friends and colleagues how they knew that what they believed was true, they
could not give me any substantiating or believable explanation, they were also unable to
convince anybody else that they had captured the truth.
It was only after hearing various differing views on the matter and after evaluating my own
viewpoint on this, that I was led to ask the question: How can I know that what I believe is the
truth? I have therefore set out to get to the bottom of the matter, so that when people ask me
for proof of why I believe my viewpoint on matters of a spiritual nature is the truth, I will be able
to provide them with tangible proof, which they can verify for themselves.