Factual Faith - Belief Founded on Truth HTML version

know about? Would it be wise to adopt beliefs that are based on human hypotheses and
theories alone - especially if there is mounting evidence against those theories? Would it be
wise to risk one's eternal destiny to follow after conjured up human fantasies and philosophies
that have no provable basis for authenticity?
In today's situation, where relativism has taken over and where there are more than 10,000
differing religious beliefs in the world, people are encouraged to find the truth that suits their
lifestyle. This viewpoint unfortunately clouds the understanding of what is meant by right and
wrong and between truth and falsehood. It also removes the necessity for people to evaluate
subjects objectively and to ask the important questions. People no longer feel the need to
investigate a matter at its root, since if it does not fit your specific “truth”, just look for something
“true” elsewhere with which you are happy. Can one really take a relativistic stance with
confidence, when it comes to anything for which proof exists, contrary to that in which one
believes? If the Bible tells us that we are eternal beings and our choices today affect our
relationship with our Creator and that our eternity depends on the choices we make while we
are alive on Earth, should we not pay attention to what is said in a document that comes from
Someone who holds the world's past, present and future in his hands? If this Person is
intimately involved with you, having given you your body and having created your soul and s pirit
within you which will never die, who is with you every second of every day of your life and says
that He knows you better than you know yourself, who even knows how many hairs you have on
your head at any time of your life; should we not listen to him if he states that he loves us and
wants to be in a relationship with us? If the information within the pages of this hyper-
dimensional document paints a defined picture of the wonderful gift that God has given us. He
tells us about the consequences of choices that we make during our time here on Earth and
how they will affect our eternity after we die. Surely we have not only been given the loving
option to choose correctly, but have also been given life through his Spirit that lives within us
after that choice.