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Facebook Social Ads Secrets Revealed
It is not a complete guide to Facebook Ad Creation. Facebook’s easy “Advertising Creation”
walk-through is useful as a beginning primer and we don't cover the basics of constructing
Facebook ads. The focus of this report is exploiting the hidden and powerful features
Facebook Social Ads.
Facebook Social Ads In Action
Facebook brings together advertisers and consumers using their own proprietary targeting
model. Let's look at an example of how Facebook Social Ads work.
Marion loves horseback riding, and publicly states the same in her Facebook profile.
A successful Equestrian Center wants to promote its children summer camp. The Equestrian
Center purchases a Facebook Ad in order to reach someone like Marion with their message.
Facebook's proprietary demographic targeting model is embedded in a program called
Insight. Insight extracts the information that Marion has 3 children, is passionate about all
things equestrian and lives within a close geographical radius of the Equestrian Center, and
so is a likely candidate to click on the ad placed by the Equestrian Center.
Marion always pays attention whenever there’s a picture of a horse in an ad, riding her
passion, and she also notices the Equestrian Center provides riding for those children with
special needs so she clicks the “Like This” button and views the Ad.
Facebook Insight then finds more ads using this specialized search data – voluntarily
provided by Marion – to place other equestrian offerings in her Ad feed. It also adds special
needs-related ads, since this was one of the keywords the ad used which matched the
interests listed in Marion's profile.
But there’s more: Marion has 97 friends on Facebook. 23 of these friends are also connected
to her through equestrian activities. They read that Marion “likes” our mythical Equestrian
Center and see that she has become a “Fan.” Based upon the social trust these friends place
her judgment and recommendation, they click on the link as well.
In this example, we see two preeminently important and dynamic features of Facebook Social
Ads that make it the most powerful ad platform seen in the last ten years:
*The Facebook Insight demographic targeting engine sends ads to users who have SELF-
IDENTIED as being interested in the product or service being advertised,