Fablehaven -- As Told by Maggie HTML version

Fablehaven – As Told by Maggie
By Braylin Keller
Hi! My name is Maggie Sandora. I‘m Kendra and Seth Sorenson’s, heirs to the land of
Fablehaven, 2nd cousin. This is what Kendra sent me a couple months ago:
A little weird, I know. But this is what I got a few days later:
` This makes only slightly more sense. But, I still did. I went to the Sorensons house. Kendra and
Seth were staying there. This is my journal of what happened while I was there…
Once I was there, Kendra gave me a key, and she told me to take a peek under the rocking
horse. I looked and found 3 chocolate roses and a note. The roses were really good! The note said to
drink the milk.
I figured Kendra didn’t want me to drink the milk from the store. So, I drank the only other milk I
could think of- the unclean milk Dale, our groundskeeper, put outside for the bugs in the garden. I put
my finger in it, closed my eyes and tasted it. It was delicious! I opened my eyes and was shocked. All
around me, instead of bugs, I saw fairies! I noticed Kendra and Seth standing sheepishly by the edge of
the garden. “What’s going on here?” I wanted to know. “Well…” Seth began. “TELL ME NOW.” I
demanded. “Ok, calm down.” Kendra ordered. Then, she told me this:
“When me and Seth first came here, we got the same key thing. We went on a few adventures.
Later, I found out I was Fairykind. Seth is a Shadow Charmer. Welcome to Fablehaven, where Grandpa
Sorenson is the caretaker, and where magical animals call home.”
I have to admit, at first I thought they were kidding. When I finally realized they were serious I passed
out. According to Seth, I was asleep “Forever!” According to Kendra, I was only out cold for an hour. I
believe Kendra.