F2 | Fire Fly Manifesto: Remixed HTML version

tHe Wake Up Call.
Whether you lip burgers or swap derivatives, losing a job just plain sucks. I’m not here to tell you
otherwise. Especially, when you were following the rules, did everything right, worked your ass
off, sacriiced what you really wanted to do for years or decades on the promise of a better life…
and still got sacked, or worse, watched your entire company go down in lames.
What’s going on in the world and the economy right now is frightening. Nobody knows when the
other shoe will drop, what it will look and feel like when it does, or if another shoe even exists.
And, for many of the millions who’ve lost their jobs this year, the position you’ve lost simply doesn’t
exist anymore in any company. So, going back or making a lateral move isn’t an option.
But, I’ve got news for you. What feels like the end of the world to you now may, in fact, be the
window you’ve dreamed of for decades.
How many of you have spent months, or years, secretly praying to win the lottery so you could
stop doing what you were doing and inally do what you loved? How many of you have felt locked
into a tired, life-sucking career by a suffocating marriage of golden or lead handcuffs, fear that
you’d be judged or ridiculed for changing paths and a life-stiling lack of belief in your ability to make
a living doing what you love?
Thing is, if that’s you, the economy has just served you up a big, fat opportunity.
In fact, you may never get an opening like this again. A chance to make a bold change, take a shot
at doing what you love, and not be judged for trying. Not that it’s impossible to change paths
at anytime. I’ve done it many times. But, you’ve got a once-in-a-lifetime window here created by
a once-in-a-lifetime event.
The meltdown has everyone re-examining how they earn a living and what they want out
of their lives and careers.